GOSIM: Unleash The Potential of Every Mobile Device Through Open Mobile Hub Android SDK


September 28 2023

We presented Open Mobile Hub (OMH) at the GOSIM conference on September 26th in Shanghai, China. The GOSIM Conference offers a deep dive into the world of open source technology trends, strategies, governance, and best practices. The following is the presentation topic under the Web/Mobile:

The current mobile industry is dominated by two big players, whose platforms account for 99% of all smartphones sold. Global regulators are increasingly writing new regulations to foster a more competitive mobile market. With all the latest developments in the mobile industry there are major advantages to have an open mobile ecosystem. It will increase innovation, make collaboration more efficient, encourage industry standards and interoperability, and help everyone in the ecosystem adapt to evolving markets and changing environments. Open Mobile Hub (OMH) is an open source SDK supporting an unified code base for both GMS and non-GMS devices. OMH is designed with a plugin architecture supporting developers in their apps development across diverse mobile environments to deliver UX consistency and cross-platform support.


About GOSIM - A Global Nexus for Open Source Innovation

The global tech landscape is replete with innovations, and much of its foundation is built upon the ethos of open source collaboration. At the forefront of championing this collaboration stands GOSIM, a platform dedicated to nurturing the brightest grassroots open-source projects from their inception to maturity.

GOSIM emerged from the shared vision of a global open-source community. Organized by and for the community, this entirely volunteer-based endeavor has one prime objective: to provide a stage where innovative open-source projects can shine, collaborate, and evolve. It’s not just a platform; it’s a movement. One that wholeheartedly embraces an open, diverse, and inclusive culture. If a project is global, innovative, grass roots ,and open-source, it has found its home at GOSIM.


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