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OMH SDK Framework

Open Source: Client Libraries and Tools on Github logo

Open Source: Client Libraries and Tools on Github

OMH revolutionizes the mobile ecosystem with its open-source framework, accessible on GitHub for seamless collaboration and innovation. The mobile client libraries and tools empower developers to seamlessly integrate a wide range of mobile services into their applications.

Unified Codebase: Reaching All Devices, OS Platform Agnositc logo

Unified Codebase: Reaching All Devices, OS Platform Agnositc

Unlock the power of a single codebase, seamlessly catering to all devices running different OS platforms. Streamline your development process, maximize reach, and deliver consistent user experiences across a diverse range of mobile devices.

Empowering Third-Party Providers: Extensibility with Plugins logo

Empowering Third-Party Providers: Extensibility with Plugins

The SDKs offer an exceptional extensible capability, empowering third-party providers to develop their own plugins through implementation of standard interfaces, allowing apps developers to seamlessly switch API service providers across different OS platforms.

A New Direction for the Mobile Industry

Open ecosystems have many advantages over closed ecosystems. They increase innovation, make collaboration more efficient, encourage industry standards and interoperability, and help everyone in the ecosystem adapt to evolving markets and changing environments.

Proper management of open ecosystems can benefit everyone. Consumers can get cheaper, richer products; developers can suffer less friction and ship new products quicker; and markets can expand to less affluent populations. An open and competitive market welcome by regulators.

This insightful white paper from Linux Foundation Research offers a keen analysis of what troubles this mobile ecosystem and how open source could solve most of these troubles.

Amaze & OMH: Bringing the power of Open source and Open mobile ecosystem to users globally

March 1 2024 - In the app landscape dominated by big corporations and closed-source apps, Team Amaze stands out as a beacon of open-source development and user privacy. This small team of developers spread globally, has carved a niche by creating high-quality,...

OMH and BharOS: Bridging Paths Toward Mobile Innovation

December 11 2023 - In the fast-evolving landscape of mobile technology, India stands as a significant player, housing nearly a third of the world’s smartphone users. Amidst this digital boom, an intriguing development took shape—an Indian company quietly crafting ...

Solving a Real-Life Challenge - How OMH Enabled Google Authentication for WordPress on Non-GMS Devices

November 2 2023 - Introduction: At Open Mobile Hub (OMH), we’re often asked how our platform can be applied to resolve real-world problems faced by application developers. One such issue involves the integration of Google Authentication in non-Google Mobile Serv...